Are you backing up Restorepoint?

Restorepoint is there for you when you need it the most – in a disaster recovery situation. Restorepoint appliances use high quality components and built-in redundancy; however, statistically, hardware failure is only a matter of time, and Restorepoint is no exception.

Restorepoint stores invaluable information about your network, so it is essential that all the data on the appliance is also backed up.

Restorepoint has an archiving features that effectively creates a snapshot of the appliance, which is copied to an external FTP server or Windows share. Archives can be restored when needed, on the same appliance or on a new one. Encryption ensures that archives not readable outside the appliance.

Archives are configured in the Administration->System->Archive page, where you can enter the detail of your server. We recommend a weekly or monthly archiving schedule. In Restorepoint version 4.2 and above you will be able to create multiple archive locations, and use SFTP/SCP in addition to CIFS and FTP.


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